My Letter to “Mike and Mike in the Morning”

me 035

Hey Doublemint Twins,

Flipping the channels between ESPN and ESPN 2 while wolfing down a bowl of grits and toast, I heard Golie jokingly describe “bloggers” as “living in their basement with Mom.”  Nearly choking on a spoonful of warm grits, I had an epiphany. What if everyone felt the way Golie did?  Needless to say, I went about my day as usual but even the blazing South Florida sun could not shake this thought.  I am currently working on my master’s thesis in English, teach English courses as an adjunct instructor at a university, and hope to be admitted to the University of Miami in the fall of 2010. When my head isn’t buried in a book; I blog.

After writing for the campus baseball newsletter, I wanted to try something different.  Unfortunately, the athletic gene went to everyone else except me. Still, I love sports and asking Kobe fans if “The Great Pretender” moniker is a better fit than the “Black Mamba.”   For Howard, I was thinking a nickname change to Cry Baby. (All in favor say waaaaaah.  Disagree now, but all I need is a catchy dance to make the nickname solid, like “Lemme see you do the Cry Baby, do the cry baby……”).  I already bet my brother that T.O. will make it through his one-year contract sans cursing fellow Bills teammates out on the sidelines. (Loser has to do 150 sit-ups outside of my apartment)! I visit daily to read articles by Bill Simmons because it inspires me—not because I think I know more about the game than these writers. No, I’m inspired because after I’ve exhausted myself talking about sports, there is nothing better than to sit down and read about unforgettable sports moments.

As athletes give the outside world less and less access into their private lives, whether you live in the basement with mom or a graduate student studying Bhabba’s notions of mimicry who secretly harbors dreams of becoming a sports reporter, “bloggers” just want to connect.  “Bloggers” are seeking connection to the sports world that is becoming more corporatized than ever before and about as personal as an annual Christmas card from your boss. Besides, if Jon Barry can guard a computerized Lebron, Carmelo, and Kobe, why can’t I write about sports?

Vive la bloggers!


~ by Miss Tea on June 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “My Letter to “Mike and Mike in the Morning””

  1. Hello Nicole,

    Um, I believe that Candice Parker is the Beyonce of the basketball world.

    • @Hero: Why because she feels as though she has transcended race or is considered a diva on the basketball court?

  2. Great post. this is what I looking for, thanks

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