Great Sports Moment in History

I remember watching Serena celebrate and the raw emotion that spilled out. I love this moment! Truly unforgettable! Send me your own memorable sports moments.


~ by Miss Tea on June 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Great Sports Moment in History”

  1. I loved when Jordan made that last shot during the NBA finals,
    “he jumped up and it went in, he looked around, and gave the air like an artifical hook” I think he was playing against the Jazz, not too sure but that was my favorite moment. so exhiliarating.

  2. My greatest sports moment was during the NBA finals with the jazz and chicago bulls. Michael Jordan made that lost shot so sweetly, and he went up so gracefully. And when he landed he turned around to the crowd like yeah I just did that, and gave the crowd like an artifical “hook.” I love that moment, so exhilirating!

  3. @ Foxy Roxy-Are you talking about the cross-over(which is a push-off for some Jazz fans) against Byron Russell? Or the Cleveland Cavalier game–my memory is foggy here; since I was only about five years old when this happened!

    • I’m not too sure but I know he did a pump fake, and he was in Jazz’s hometown, and it was the final shot, and he like turned around, and his teammates jumped on him like crazy! Lol, The crowd was so upset!

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