Top 5 Reasons Wimbledon will be more Exciting than the NBA Finals

Dinara Safina--can she contain herself to win Wimbledon?

Dinara Safina--can she contain herself to win Wimbledon?


Coaches are prohibited from interfering while players scramble around the tennis court. You will not have to worry about coaches making atrocious decisions and then smiling afterward, saying, “I think it was a good move to have Federer sit out during the match point—I stand by my decision.”


Anything can happen. I know this sounds cliché, but, Wimbledon 2009 has all of the spice that we wanted to see in the Finals. Ranked numero uno in the world, Dinara Safina isn’t a safe bet after her meltdown in the Grand Slam Final. Safina is reminiscent of Howard—a skilled player but she lets her emotions get in the way. The girl with the name that sounds like a Sharpie marker, Maria Sharapova, is back. All grown up at age 22, Sharapova has won three Grand Slam Finals. In 2004, she was only 17 when she defeated Serena Williams. Jameer Nelson slacked on his job and Derek Fisher made him pay him for it by draining the three and crushing all hopes of a Magic comeback. I think you get my point—don’t sleep on Sharapova.


Although there are foul balls and foot fouls, there are no personal, technical, and/or flagrant fouls in tennis, so you won’t see players flopping on the ground as if electrocuted. Although you may hear Serena imitating Jon McEnroe—gesticulating wildly and claiming, “That ball was in!”


There is no “Bail-Out Plan.” Unlike Kobe, if Serena is down in the fifth set, she will not be able to turn to Venus and say, “Yo sis, can you handle this one for me?”


Venus and Serena Williams could potentially battle it out for the Wimbledon title—need I say more?

Can you think of any? Submit your reasons or comments!


~ by Miss Tea on June 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Top 5 Reasons Wimbledon will be more Exciting than the NBA Finals”

  1. Cant wait until FOOTBALL STARTS! WHOOO————HOOO!

  2. wow, i think i just became a tennis fan.. as long as no races are on at the same time…

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