The Speech Heard ‘Round the World

I expected Jordan to talk about the memorable years  in Chicago and the  time spent with his teammates.

I forgot.

I forgot the dogged determination that fueled the machine.  Michael Jordan took center stage tonight to accept his Hall of Fame award. But he did more than just that. Michael took this opportunity to show us he hasn’t forgotten all  the naysayers.

This is not the same man who spoke so calmly and professionally during basketball conferences. Michael cursed. Michael verbally abused Byron Russell (as if he needed to do it again), talked trash about Stockton, Isaiah, and Magic.  He criticized Dean Smith for his refusal to allow Michael Jordan to grace the cover of Sports Ilustrated. Remember, Dean Smith? Yes, that Dean Smith, his beloved North Carolina coach.

In my house, there is a saying we use when you verbally destroy your opponent–we call it “telling” someone off. Michael “told off” everyone who ever doubted him. He called out his high-school coach for choosing Leroy Smith in the TENTH GRADE! Tenth grade, folks.  He called out Rod Thorn and Jerry Krause for choosing the organization over him.  I was scratching my head and wondering if this was actually a “roast” instead of an induction ceremony.

Michael Jordan contemptuously smirked at the notion of a team being bigger than the player. “There is no I in team,” Michael sarcastically spit out the words as if they burned his mouth, “but there is an I in win.”

Michael Jordan made his case for why he is the best player to play the game–period. What’s more, Michael proved that he was larger than the game of basketball.As Michael alluded to tonight, the Hall of Fame isn’t sufficient to hold Michael Jordan’s legacy; Michael needs a museum so we can all remember what he meant to not just the game, but to us. Michael made us believe again. During those four short quarters, we believed nothing was impossible.

Tonight just made me want to be like Mike all over again. He’s like a fine wine–his passion for the game is intoxicating. Passion that just gets better with time.


~ by Miss Tea on September 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Speech Heard ‘Round the World”

  1. I could not have said it any better- I was in awe at how well he addressed all the haters out there and seemed to enjoy every bit of it. It made me proud to know that my idol had so much more to him than just the game-

    Standing O for you MJ

  2. @Mozz–Exactly. Always respected his game, but developed a newfound respect for the man tonight! Bravo!

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