LBJ to MIA!!

Can they do it?

Okay, so the Cleveland fans are bitter, angry, and probably clutching their teddy bears. sobbing. Why? Why? First, Ehloe. Now THIS! And I am just about to make things a bit worse for them. I want Lebron to come to Miami.  Need I say why? If Lebron decides to join the Miami Heat, not only will I get a chance to (possibly) see him frolicking on sandy South Beach, but I am sure Wade will stay and Riley will coach these two superstars to victory.  This is a chain reaction that will pay major dividends for Miami fans. I can picture it now….

So, please sign my petition: 

We’re bringing the King to Miami–Cleveland can’t handle him; Miami, Wade, and Riley can.


~ by Miss Tea on May 14, 2010.

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