Everything about me and then some

I love to cook. I think Kobe Bryant is one of the most OVERHYPED players in America. I respect Kobe’s game but not his attitude (see above sentence). I wish Oprah would go back to the basics. I remember when she talked about bulemia, SIDS, and other stuff that made me flick away tears. Now, it’s just how to plan a summer garden tea party or Dr. Oz. (“Oprah, I can’t say this enough, get a second, third, and fourth opinion.” What if you can’t afford to get the first)? I am a new fan of Dorothy Ashby. I am hoping to write a screenplay and TV script. I wanted the Arizona Cardinals to win the big one last year. I would have been the next America’s Next Top Model but God interfered and made me short, so I decided to become a writer.


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